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  • Developer: AWS
  • Genre: Weather Forecast
  • Version: 5.17.4
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Official information

Release Date 2000 year
Developer AWS
Publisher Android
Genre Weather Forecast
Language English, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, German, French, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese
System Windows PC, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux
Version 5.17.4


Weather by WeatherBug Review - Know Everything About Weather

Weather by WeatherBug is a weather-predicting app available for various platforms. You can monitor real feel temperature, learn about coming precipitations, storms and blizzards. Besides, it has a few unique features, some of which allow access to the live webcams and tracking lightning globally.

Download Weather app to stay meteorologically tuned 24/7. WeatherBug app provides weather forecasts, weather radar and detailed weather data.

WeatherBug App

Weather by WeatherBug  features: Weather-Wise Insect

A while ago every computer owner used to have Weather by WeatherBug for Windows (7,8,10, XP, vista). These days the meteorology bug seems to migrate to the mobile platforms: more than 10 million people have downloaded Weather by WeatherBug Android version. What stands behind the success?
The app offers a number of handy features and precise clockwork forecasts: it collects info from thousands of weather stations worldwide, processes the data and gives you highly correct results.   
Here's what the little beetle can detect for you:

  • Weather Now - based on your GPS signal, the app informs you of the air temperature, humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, cloudiness, pollen levels, etc.
  • Weather news - locally, nationally and globally.
  • Wind - direction and speed.
  • Time - sunrise and sunset time, moon phases etc.
  • Outlook - prognosis for 10 days.
  • Cameras nearby - lets you see what's happening with the weather in any given area.

These are the fundamental features: you can tweak them with a bit of customization. For example, in the Now page, you can browse the hourly forecast with a 12-hour time span. For some reason, Weather by WeatherBug iOS version supports only one-week outlook, unlike its Android "sibling".

Those hourly forecasts can cover at least seven days. But in case you'd like a more microscopic insight, you can go to Details and watch an exhaustive forecast, which even predicts the exact wind/rain rate. However, it covers the current day only, and no future detailed weather prediction is provided.

What makes the app stand out though, is its exclusive Spark feature - the pocket lightning-detector. It alerts you about possible lightning in your vicinity, and if you pull up its map, you'll see areas affected with lightning across the globe: from Managua to Reykjavik.
The application also has a helpful radar map, hidden in the left tray. It includes such layers as air humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, heat index, wind rate/chill etc.

Additionally, it has 3 types of maps: weather, satellite and interactive. And if you run out of mobile traffic or there will be no Wi-Fi hotspot nearby - you can cache some weather data to view it later offline.

Buggy Interface

Perhaps the biggest drawback of WeatherBug is that its Now page is overloaded with info. And also it could've had more widgets than it has now. At the moment Weather by WeatherBug apk has only two, in which you can at least customize background/text color.
Another issue is that when adding a new city you have to choose a weather station. It has to be done manually. Meanwhile, the app could do it automatically, picking the most trustworthy stations.

Power Bug Tips

Despite its vast user community, not every fan of the app knows about its hidden power-features. So, if you download Weather by WeatherBug don't hesitate to use our guidance!


Undeniably moody weather may affect our plans, schedule, and regular routine. For instance, if you're fond of gardening or need to keep your lawn nice and pretty - the app can tell you when it's best to do it. Its Lifestyle feature calculates the best time to perform some outdoor activities or on the contrary to stay at home. The latter feature is especially useful for allergic people. 

Home Energy Usage

If you are cautious about ecological issues and want to pay less for the utility bills, then you will like this brainy feature. Home Energy Usage keeps track of the air temperature changes in your area and regulates your thermostat, choosing the adequate level of heating your house needs at the moment.
To sync up the app with your thermostat, you will need a smart home system: Honeywell, SmartThings, etc.


WeatherBug may have some issues with the interface and responsiveness. It may lack enough widgets. But also it has features to be proud of: lightning-detector, Live Cams support, very accurate forecasts, lifestyle recommendations, and even smart home integration that both saves the planet and your pennies. Moreover, it's multiplatform - including Weather by WeatherBug for Mac  - and free of charge.
As our Weather by WeatherBug Review shows, It's definitely worth to be on your device. 


  • Messy interface
  • Glitchy responsiveness
  • Search function needs to be improved


  • Detailed forecasts
  • 10-days Outlook
  • Lightning Detector
  • Live Cams support
  • 3 types of weather maps
  • Whether Radar
  • Local Weather
  • Has desktop or mobile weather app version.





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